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Fragrance Granules - Bella Rosa

Fragrance Granules - Bella Rosa


Bella Rosa - They say there is nothing more beautiful than a perfect english rose. Here is the beauty of the Bella Rosa, bringing your sweetest rose garden indoors, perfect for any room.



Keep away from the reach of children.

Do not consume. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or bright light. In case of an allergic reaction or sensitivities to certain fragrances stop using the fragrances granules and wash area immediately. If irritation persists seek medical advice.

As the granules are handmade, colours can vary batch by batch and may differ slightly from the photos.


Simply place one or more teaspoons of fragrances granules in the well of your tea light burner.

Safely light a candle to create a delightful aroma.

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    Carefully add one teaspoon into the dish of your burner, place a tea light underneath and enjoy the scent fill your home, Our amazing sizzlers last roughly 4-5 hours and once the granuels have turned white, simply dispose of them into your bin and wipe the burner with no mess.

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